Step By Step Employment Employment and Training

Through the 1980’s, William was a regionally renowned Astrologer, providing his services throughout northern Ohio. While this was a very meaningful and successful journey for him, the earnings were not conducive to raising a family.
He had earned a Bachelor of Science (Communications) Degree from Kent State University and put his talents to work as a television studio crew member, a staff writer for a publisher, a medical photographer, and he even directed a recreation program for at-risk urban youth.

In 2010, William sought the services of the Ohio Rehabilitation Services Commission-Bureau of Vocational Rehabilitation and Step By Step Employment and Training. This was a very challenging time economically in Cleveland, and jobs were scarce. After several months of searching for employment unsuccessfully, William reported that his true desire would be to return to his love of Astrology. At that time, ORSC had AARA stimulus funds available for eligible candidates to start small businesses, or micro-enterprises.

As this was uncharted territory for his job placement specialist, David Volak and his ORSC counselor, Carolyn O’Connor, it was recommended that we begin exploring this field with William. David and William attended a “wellness” fair, where David was introduced to the various types of vendors and service practitioners, and also interviewed several of William’s colleagues, who spoke very highly of him.

Soon a plan was written to assist William with writing a business plan to gain approval of funding, then start working on marketing strategies. There was one problem…in order to maximize his earning potential, William would need to travel locally and regionally to meet with clientele and to attend various fairs and events…he did not have a car! But by the grace of a higher power, he obtained a suitable car, for minimal money, from a dear friend.

ORSC purchased a laptop computer and a printer, so he could provide a mobile service as needed. Astrology software was purchased so he can develop specialized reports for clients, and he was also able to sell this software online. A website developer and SEO specialist was hired to develop a new website, and to teach William to manage his own web content and how to effectively blog.
Today, William is busy doing private readings, teaching writing and lecturing. You can contact him and learn more about his services at his website