Step By Step Employment Employment and Training


How long does it take to find a job?

The amount of time it takes to find proper placement that is commensurate with each person's skills, abilities and qualifications will vary by each individual. However, we do make it our number one goal to get our clients placed as quickly as possible in the best possible job setting. At Step By Step, your best interest is always our main priority.

I am interested in employment assistance from Step By Step, how do I get signed up for services?

There are two ways you can request Step By Step as your employment provider.

  1. You can call or stop by the Step By Step office and answer a brief questionnaire then Step By Step will forward your information to the closest BVR office to you.
  2. You can call or go directly to your local BVR office, and make an appointment with an employment counselor. At that point, you may request Step By Step as your service provider.
What type of employment services do you provide?

We provide assistance with Job Seeking Training Skills which includes assistance with creating/ editing your resume and interviewing skills. We assist with job searches, meet with potential employers to discuss your qualifications and will assist with completing the application process. We also provide one-on-one training to assist with your responsibilities and tasks, making sure you are comfortable in your new position. And after you have been hired, we will follow up with you and your employer to ensure the best possible outcome at your new job.