Step By Step Employment Employment and Training

Why Choose Step By Step?

Personal Attention

Step By Step assists with overcoming barriers to employment. Our staff works with participants one-on-one to provide training and support needed to maintain independent employment.

Community Based

Step By Step is community-based, which means we will meet with you at a place in your community that is accessible and convenient for you. Working with you and your referral source, we can identify what type of work best meets your needs.

Innovative Programs

Step By Step works in partnership with referral sources, businesses, and participants in 11 counties and has been a leader in community based programs that make it possible for you to try a job to determine if it will be a good match. Our participants have achieved double the state average for successful retention. After your job begins, we remain in contact, and can provide a personal trainer at your job site to assist in learning new tasks and routines.

Getting Results

Step By Step is a friendly, knowledgeable agency providing a family-like environment. Recent participant surveys have a 99% satisfaction rating and we believe our great results are due to considering our stakeholders (you), as part of our family. Click here to read more...

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